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Our Services and Prices

Dr. Angie Ruppel has a rotation of animal care facilities such as humane societies and shelters that she travels to with her mobile veterinary unit on a weekly basis.   You can also request to have her come to your farm.  There is a minimum of 25 cats needing sterilization for house calls.

Our Cat Spay and Neuter Prices


     Outdoor/feral/barn/community cats: $55

  • Includes rabies vaccine, FVRCP vaccine, ear tip*, pain medication
  • *If declining ear tip then costs and services apply as if for companion pet

     Companian/pet cat: $45 male neuter, $65 female spay
  • Includes pain medication
  • Does NOT include vaccinations 
  • No ear tip

     Cryptorchid neuter (internal testicles): Will not perform surgery-call your regular veterinarian.



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