11 Reasons Cats Make a Great Pet

By: Talin Seta Shahinian

Let’s get this out of the way right off the top: cats rule, and dogs drool. All right, some dogs are all right, but cats are still the best. Look, without cat videos, would the internet even run? Their public service took on even greater meaning during quarantine, as many of us needed cheering up, and cats came to the rescue! Beyond giving us the gift of thousands of hours of entertaining cat clips, and countless adorable pics, here are some of the other reasons cats are the coolest pets ever.

  1. Some people mistakenly believe that cats are aloof and unfeeling. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Cats are supremely sensitive, intuitive creatures. Had a rough day? Your cat’s very likely to sense it and comfort you. Just sitting near your cat, hearing them purr can deliver an instant calming effect. Add the soothing, tactile sensation that comes from petting their soft, silky fur and feeling the vibration from their purr, and you have a recipe for stress relief made in kitty heaven. As an added benefit, owning a cat lowers the risk of heart attack or stroke by 30%.
  2. Cats are also aware of changes in your physical health. If you’re sick, your cat is likely to stay by your side. Smart, highly attuned cats have even saved their owner’s lives. Cats can sense low blood sugar in a person with diabetes and have alerted their owners to take their medication. They also alert parents when a child is in danger. A cat is more than just a pet. They’re a companion in your health. The frequency of the sound of purring can actually help heal muscles and bones, including improving the mobility in an injured joint.
  3. Felines make great pets for the elderly or those with limited mobility. Yes, litter boxes still need to be scooped and cleaned, but there are even self-cleaning litter boxes available now. It beats having to take a dog for a walk day and night, possibly in inclement weather. While dogs need a lot of exercise and activity to burn off their excess energy, cats are happy to just chill at home. That doesn’t mean a cat doesn’t need any playtime. They’re just entertained by lower impact forms of play.
  4. Cats are great pets for children. They teach them empathy and responsibility. They also make excellent therapy pets for kids on the autism spectrum, as they provide a calming presence and a non-threatening outlet for physical touch and cuddling. They can also help calm an anxious child and comfort them during a fearful or emotional moment. They can also help with bedtime. Many cats like to sleep on the bed and can help a child (or an adult) fall asleep.
  5. Cats are great for apartment living. They don’t take up much space and are quiet. While a barking dog can be a nuisance for neighbors in an apartment building, even the loudest meows are unlikely to be heard by anyone outside your flat. Also, while dogs need a lot of outdoor space to run around, cats can be entertained inside your apartment. They’ll find a spot to perch on a windowsill and happily watch birds for a while. Crack the window slightly so they can enjoy whiffs of fresh air, and they’ll be quite content.
  6. Cats are low maintenance, especially when compared with dogs. Cats are fastidiously clean creatures and bathe themselves frequently. Cats rarely need to be washed by their owners. It’s a rare occurrence for your kitty to get into something that soils their coat in an area they can’t reach. You do need to clip their claws on occasion, but that’s about it. If they’re resistant to clipping, or you lack hand dexterity, it may only require a trip to the groomer every few months.
  7. They’re more affordable than dogs since they need fewer trips to the groomers, less food, and fewer toys. If you buy your cat a toy that arrives in a box, they are more likely to play or sleep in the box. They love to curl up in small spaces. They love to bat around everyday household objects, like a bottle cap or a ring from a milk jug. They are also more eco-friendly, as they consume less meat than dogs.
  8. Cats are much easier to potty train. Even if you adopt a kitten, they have built-in waste burying instincts, so showing them where the litter box is, and putting them in it, is usually enough to ensure that they’ll use it. The only kittens who may need a little more help are very young if born in a litter in your home to your adult cat. Once they get the hang of it, though, they’re unlikely to soil other areas of your home.
  9.  Cats are more independent than dogs. Dogs require a large amount of human interaction, supervision, outdoor exercise. In comparison, cats spend many hours napping, and you can leave the house or go to work without worrying about coming back to a waste accident or destroyed property. Sure, some cats can be high energy and knock something over by accident, but you’re unlikely to wind up with a pair of chewed-up shoes. Some cats may shred some toilet paper or a paper towel if they like to play with it.
  10. Cats are pest and rodent deterrents. The mere presence of a cat in your home can signal rats and mice to stay away. They can smell and sense your cat. If one less alert creature makes its way inside, your cat is likely to hunt them down. While it’s not pleasant to deal with the remains of a cat’s prey, especially since they might bring it to you as a gift, it beats having your house overrun with unwanted critters.
  11. Cats have a long lifespan. Knowing your companion will be around for a long time is a comforting thought. On average, cats live 15 years, but some live longer. A cat living 16 to 21 years is not impossible. In most cases, with your love, TLC, and regular veterinary care, you’ll be able to enjoy many happy years with your feline friend.

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