About Purple Cat People:

Purple Cat People is a registered 501(c)3 organization whose purpose is to make spay and neuter services of companion animals more available and affordable to people in our communities in NW Wisconsin and Eastern Minnesota.   We mainly partner with Purple Cat Vet, LLC to provide subsidized and free spay and neuter surgeries of cats.

In 2023, Purple Cat People, Inc provided a total of 867 free or subsidized cat spays and neuters in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

EIN: 86-1878916

2023 Total Surgeries Provided by Purple Cat People Chart

2023 Purple Cat People Expenses Chart

Our Program:

The goal of our organization, Purple Cat People, INC, is to make it easy and affordable for individuals to spay and neuter all cats. Our target population are those who have 5 or more cats in their care in need of sterilization services. These cats are often outdoor farm colony cats and urban unsocial community cats. Occasionally we receive requests from individuals with intact indoor cats that are quickly reproducing.
We do not make individuals show proof of income as our goal is to eliminate barriers to access. Instead, we offer subsidies to any person willing to bring in cats in the following situations, regardless of income level:

1. Outdoor farm/colony cats to be trapped, neutered, and released that will receive an ear tip and returned to their original location. No minimum number to qualify.
2. Indoor colony of pet cats in which there are a minimum of five unaltered cats, owned by one person. No ear tip or income requirement.

We request $25 per cat when owners and trappers sign up. This is to hold the spay/neuter appointment as a non-refundable deposit. It also goes towards the cost of surgery which lowers the overall cost and allows donated funds to help more people. We wave or reduce the $25 fee in certain circumstances if owners cannot afford it.

Purple Cat People, INC utilizes the spay and neuter services of Purple Cat Mobile Veterinary Clinic, LLC (Purple Cat Vet) for all surgeries. Purple Cat Vet is one of the very few low-cost, high-volume spay-neuter clinics in our area of Northeast Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin. Their TNR ear tip package includes all exams, surgery, ear tip, rabies vaccine, distemper vaccine and pain medication. By utilizing the low surgery costs provided by Purple Cat Vet, we are able to help hundreds of cats every year compared to using a full service veterinary clinic. We provided 867 free or reduced cost sterilization surgeries in 2023. Lack of funding restricted us from assisting more people and cats. Purple Cat Vet puts a priority on scheduling the TNR and colony cats in order to prevent as many unwanted litters of kittens as possible. Special clinics will be scheduled to assist with spaying and neutering large cat colonies in a timely manner.

To Donate:

Send checks made out to Purple Cat People, Inc to:

Purple Cat People, Inc

366 26th Ave

Cumberland, WI 54829


All donations are tax deductible.   A receipt of acknowledgment will be sent following deposit of donation.