Dr. Angie Ruppel has a rotation of animal care facilities such as humane societies and shelters that she travels to with her mobile veterinary unit on a weekly basis. You can also request to have her come to your farm. There is a minimum of 25 cats needing sterilization for house calls.

Our Cat Spay And Neuter Prices

Outdoor/feral/barn/community cats: $55

  • Includes rabies vaccine, FVRCP vaccine, ear tip*, pain medication
  • *If declining ear tip then costs and services apply as if for companion pet

Companion/pet cat: $50 male neuter, $65 female spay

  • Includes pain medication
  • Does NOT include vaccinations
  • No ear tip

We can vaccinate your pet cat during surgery for additional cost

  • $15 Rabies vaccination-must be at least 12 weeks of age to receive. This is a 1-year Rabies vaccine.
  • $10 FVRCP vaccine. This is also called a 3-way or Distemper vaccine.

Cryptorchid neuter (internal testicles): Will not perform surgery-call your regular veterinarian.

What about pregnant cats? We will spay cats that are in early pregnancy. This will result in the loss of the kittnes. We will not spay cats that are in their third and final trimester. There is a significantly higher risk of surgical complications, which can be life-threatening, if spayed during late pregnancy. If your cat looks obviously pregnant, then she is too far along to be spayed through Purple Cat Mobile Veterinary Clinic.