Dr. Angie and Dr. Nellie have a rotation of animal care facilities such as humane societies and shelters that they travel to on a weekly basis in NW Wisconsin.  These locations include Eau Claire, Park Falls, Ashland, Ladysmith, Baldwin, and Cumberland.  You can also request to have them come to your farm.  There is a minimum of 35 cats needing sterilization for house calls and must be within 60 miles of Cumberland, WI.

Our Cat Spay And Neuter Prices

Purple Cat Mobile Vet Clinic prices include the $21 NON-REFUNDABLE processing fees associated with the administrative costs of scheduling. If you need to cancel your appointment with Purple Cat, you will receive a refund MINUS this $21 fee. If you reschedule, instead of canceling, your payment will be applied to the new appointment. Rescheduling must be done at least 48 hours before your scheduled drop-off time. If this is not done, it will be considered a cancellation and you will forfeit the $21 non-refundable deposit.  WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU CONTAIN YOUR OUTDOOR CATS 48 HOURS PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT.

Farm/Feral/Barn/Colony cats: $60

  • Includes rabies vaccine, FVRCP vaccine, ear tip*, pain medication
  • *If declining ear tip then costs and services apply as if for a companion pet
  • $10-$20 additional fee if pregnant

Companion/pet cat: $60 male neuter, $75 female spay

  • Includes pain medication
  • Does NOT include vaccinations
  • No ear tip
  • $10-$20 additional fee if pregnant

We also offer the following services at the time of surgery for CASH or CERTIFIED CHECK only:

  • Rabies vaccine-$15
  • Distemper vaccine-$15
  • Ear mite treatment-$10
  • Flea treatment-$10
  • Nail trim-$5

Cryptorchid neuter (internal testicles): We will typically not perform this surgery. Please contact your regular veterinarian.

What about pregnant cats? We will spay cats that are in early pregnancy. This will result in the loss of the kittens. This will cost $10 additional payable at the time you pick up your cat. We try not to spay cats that are in their third and final trimester. There is a significantly higher risk of surgical complications, which can be life-threatening if spayed during late pregnancy. We DO NOT recommend spaying your cat in the third trimester. If your cat looks obviously pregnant, then she is too far along to be spayed through Purple Cat Mobile Veterinary Clinic.  There is an additional $20 charge for any third-trimester cat that is pregnant and is spayed against medical advice.