My name is Dr. Angie Ruppel and I have been a practicing veterinarian since 2003. Some of you may know me already as I have worked with Dr. Eric Stone and the Northern Lakes Veterinary Clinic since 2007.

I have really enjoyed my time at the Northern Lakes Veterinary Clinic and still work there 2-3 days every week. In 2017, I helped one farm whose cat population had gotten out of control. I performed these low-cost surgeries working with the Northern Lakes Veterinary Clinic. It was after this that I realized how much I enjoyed this type of work. Helping the folks that are trying to make a difference in the overpopulation of cats really brought a sense of purpose to me.

This is what brought me to Purple Cat. With my husband’s support, I have a mobile surgery unit that I pull on the back of our Suburban. It isn’t the prettiest or the fanciest truck and trailer, but it serves an important purpose: to offer low-cost cat spays and cat neuters in an effort to prevent homeless, starving, and diseased cats.

I graduated in 2003 from UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine. I met my husband in Madison-he had just graduated from the Engineering program. I was in my last semester of Veterinary school. Together, we moved to Milwaukee and worked there for four years. In 2007, we married and moved to Cumberland–Rob’s hometown.

​​​​​​​I have worked at the Northern Lakes Veterinary Clinic since 2007 and have loved it. Small town Wisconsin is definitely where I belong. I love knowing my neighbors and my clients and seeing them at the grocery store.

Rob and I have four human kids-two boys and two girls. A set of twins in there puts them all within three years of each other. Our furry children include an English Setter named England and some indoor/outdoor working cats.

My goals, besides reducing the number of unwanted homeless cats, of course, include: having more family dinners, taking more RV vacations, going to more rock concerts, and having kids that listen to me the first time.

Other facts about me: I love Great Danes, my 81-year-old mom lives with me, I enjoy cooking for friends, I shot and killed a deer once (and never again).