Cats and Your Mental Health

By: Talin Seta Shahinian

If anyone asks you about life with your cat, you’ll probably have a lot to tell them about their personality, behavior, quirks, and adoption story. Cats are more than pets; they’re members of your family or provide trusty companionship if you’re living on your own. Indoor cats keep us company and provide entertainment with “the zoomies,” and other playful antics. Your best sleep may also be a nap with a cat. While they might caterwaul at 3 a.m. or may wake you up before your alarm clock to demand breakfast, they also provide so much comfort.

The Power of the Purr and the Fur

You already know how awesome it is to have a cat, but did you know that cats are scientifically proven to boost your mental health? Yes, it’s true! Living with a cat is one of the best ways to keep stress at bay. Just a cat’s purr alone has healing abilities. The sound of a cat’s purr is within a range of 20 to 140 hertz, which is known to have therapeutic benefits for humans. Listening to a cat purr can help someone with breathing difficulties, heal infections, lower blood pressure, and even help heal broken bones.

This same powerful purr extends beyond helping physical health conditions. It can help ease the symptoms of a variety of mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression, OCD, ADD, and PTSD. Just the simple act of petting a cat can be relaxing and calming. The repetitive motion of petting is meditative, while the tactile sensation of stroking your cat’s silky, warm fur and feeling the vibration from their purr is an instant stress soother. Even watching cat videos can boost your mood. There’s a reason why kitty videos are so popular all over the internet.

Emotional Support

Having a cat around can lend you a sense of well-being and comfort. Whether registered officially or not, they’re well suited to be emotional support animals. Unlike their reputation for being coldly aloof, most cats are warm, loving, and affectionate. There’s a strong bond between cat and owner, with most considering themselves cat parents to their feline fur kids. The cat’s meow mimics the plaintive sound of a human baby’s cry, strengthening the sense of being their mom or day. They rarely use meows to communicate with other cats; it’s their special language for their human companions.

Mental Health Allies

Cats can help you cope with loss and grief. Most cats are intuitive and will gravitate to you when you seem sad or are going through a rough time. Their steady companionship helps individuals who are isolated and lonely. Cats are ideal companions for the elderly, as they don’t need to be walked. A cat is helpful for people struggling with depression because caring for another living being can help pull you out of a slump. Cats are also fans of routine, which can help you get out of bed, knowing they won’t be fed on time without you.

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