Grieving the Loss of a Pet

By: Taylor Oberkramer

Losing a pet is always hard, especially our beloved cats. Whether they have passed from disease, old age, or an accident, it’s essential to give yourself the proper time to grieve. We know that coping with the loss of your best friend can be challenging. We’ve been there too. If you’re feeling sad or looking for guidance, here are some tips on navigating grieving pet loss and the emotions that come with it. 

The Grief Process

Most pets are like family members to their owners. They provide companionship, and it’s easy to form a strong bond with them. Finding ways to cope can sometimes be challenging, but understanding the grief process can help you and your family adjust to life without them. During the grieving process, some people feel angry at family, friends, or even your vet about the death of your pet. It’s also common to feel guilty and obsess over something you did or did not do. Once these feelings subside, you’ll probably experience a deep sadness over the loss of your pet. 

How to Cope With Grief

Grief is a unique experience for everyone, but you don’t have to face it alone. There are various forms of support and other people who have felt the same way you do right now. You can join a support group online or speak to someone such as a professional counselor if you’re having difficulty accepting what has happened. There are also various books, articles, and other resources to help. These suggestions may also help while you adjust to life without your furry friend. 

  • Acknowledge what you’re feeling. Allow yourself to be sad, angry, or the other range of emotions you may be feeling. 
  • Prepare a memorial for your pet. If you have children, a spouse, or other family members who are fond of your cat, let them help gather pictures, favorite toys, or other objects that remind you of your pet. 
  • Write your feelings down. Sometimes journaling can help us process these emotions easier. 
  • Don’t let other people tell you how to feel. You’re allowed to mourn the loss of your pet and should do so on your own time, not theirs. 

When You’re Ready, Consider Getting a New Pet

Some homes just don’t feel the same without a pet in them. If this is the case for you and you’ve grieved appropriately, it may be the perfect time to consider getting a new pet. Visit local humane societies or rescues, and you’ll be able to see all of the pets that need a loving home. There is research that shows pets provide health benefits, both physically and emotionally. When you’re ready, a cuddly new friend can help you cope with the intense emotion of losing your pet. 

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