How Is Purple Cat so Cheap?

By: Jennifer Eggleston

You want your cat spayed or neutered as a responsible pet owner. Or, you may have a barn full of cats or a feral cat in the neighborhood that you want to have fixed to decrease the overall cat population. You can take them to a veterinarian, but are there other options? Yes! Purple Cat Mobile Veterinary Clinic is the perfect option. Purple Cat can spay or neuter your cat at a fraction of the cost of a regular veterinarian. How can Purple Cat do the same surgery for so much less?

Spay and Neuter Only

Spay and Neuter Only

Purple Cat Mobile Veterinary Clinic specializes in spaying and neutering cats only. Our vets have become very fast and efficient by only offering limited services. This specialization allows Dr. Angie to perform more surgeries in less time. While Purple Cat offers vaccinations and a couple of treatments for cats receiving surgery the same day, we don’t provide any other services. Purple Cat doesn’t do well-cat checks or updates on vaccinations, and we don’t see any other species than cats.

Purple Cat can perform 40 to 60 surgeries per clinic, specializing in spaying and neutering cats only. That’s a lot of surgeries each week to help reduce the cat population! We also don’t offer appointment time slots. Instead, it’s a drop-off window for each clinic, usually sometime between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m., depending on the clinic location. Purple Cat then calls/texts you when your cat is ready for pick up later the same day, usually between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Minimal Overhead

Purple Cat doesn’t have an office, which also means there’s no office phone to answer. We offer online scheduling that allows clients to pick a location and date that works best for them and complete it independently. We don’t need to hire office staff to answer the phone and schedule appointments. Purple Cat has some technical support help, but it’s limited to several hours per month, reducing overhead costs.

Purple Cat has many wonderful volunteers who help check your cat in for surgery day, promote Purple Cat, and help organize each clinic day. Free help for us means reduced prices for you!

When you send an email or Facebook message to Purple Cat, you’re either getting tech support, a volunteer, or even Dr. Angie herself. This lack of office staff means two things:

  • Purple Cat can keep costs low on spays and neuters because we aren’t paying anyone to work the office.
  • You may have to wait a bit longer for a reply because we don’t have staff dedicated to answering messages during certain times of the day. Typically, someone hops online when they have a spare minute.

Special note: Dr. Angie provides her personal cell phone number with the after-surgery instructions for questions regarding recent surgeries and will respond within 24 hours.

What If You Can’t Afford Purple Cat?

Dr. Angie understands that even though Purple Cat spay and neuter rates are approximately one-third that of a regular veterinarian, there are times when even the reduced rate is hard to pay. If you’re in a situation where you need financial assistance for all or part of your cat’s spay or neuter, please reach out to the team at Purple Cat. Dr. Angie can either work with you to reduce the rate even further or sometimes has donations she can use to cover your cat’s surgery. We ask that you only request financial assistance if it is necessary.

FAQs Help

Purple Cat has developed a FAQ page on our website to help answer the questions we get most often. Having a page that clients can visit to get answers to their questions also dramatically reduces the contact required for each appointment. Our FAQs page answers questions such as:

  • How much is Purple Cat?
  • Where can I find a Purple Cat clinic?
  • How old does my kitten need to be to be spayed/neutered?
  • What other services does Purple Cat offer on surgery day?
  • What time do I drop off and pick up my cat?
  • How do I get a copy of my cat’s surgery/vaccine records?
  • Will you spay my cat if she’s pregnant?
  • What if my cat has fleas?

Please remember that Purple Cat schedules around 200 spay and neuter surgeries EACH WEEK, so it’s very helpful to utilize our FAQs page to find the answers to your questions. While we understand that some clients may have technical questions regarding their cat, for the most part, our FAQs page will have the answer. If you need to contact someone before your appointment, we have a contact us form online and Facebook Messenger. Remember, these are staffed sparingly, so it may take a bit to get back to you.

High-Quality Care

At Purple Cat Mobile Veterinary Clinic, you can be assured that you’re receiving the same high-quality, safe spay or neuter that you would receive at a traditional veterinarian office for three times the price. Dr. Angie has been a practicing veterinarian since 2003, bringing experience and care to each of her Purple Cat clinics.

When you leave with your cat, Dr. Angie will provide you with after-care instructions, including her cell phone number to text with any concerns. Dr. Angie truly cares about these animals and reducing the cat population in northwestern Wisconsin.

Book Your Appointment Today!

When you’re ready to save money on your spay or neuter, whether for a pet or barn/feral cat, reach out to Purple Cat Mobile Veterinary Clinic via our website. There are no income requirements, making Purple Cat services available to anyone interested in saving money on their cat spay/neuter. We offer clinics in Baldwin and Eau Claire every week. Dr. Angie even carts her trailer to rescues or colonies during the warmer months to provide a true mobile spay/neuter clinic.

If the Purple Cat location of your choice doesn’t show up on our appointments page, it’s full for the month. Either check back or pick another location to get your cat spayed or neutered. You can count on us to be in Baldwin almost every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but the rest of the month has to be planned out between Dr. Angie and various Humane Societies. Purple Cat posts the schedule as soon as possible. You can typically expect to see appointments for the upcoming month by mid-month. Sign your cat up today at!

If you live in NW, Wisconsin, Purple Cat Mobile Vet Clinic is here to help you keep your cat healthy and happy. We’re a high-quality, high-volume, low-cost spay/neuter clinic. We see cats exclusively. Scheduling information is available on our website. You can also check out our Facebook page for more helpful information on all things feline!


All cat spay/neuter appointments are made on this website. We post new clinic dates 6 weeks ahead of time. Check back often if you do not see a date that works for you.

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We are a high-volume, high-quality, low-cost spay/neuter veterinary clinic. 99% of our surgeries are done on cats. We occasionally do dog spay/neuter surgeries for our shelter partners

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