CATS – 032323 – March – 23rd – Eau Claire – 7:30-9 AM Drop Off


Price includes a $20 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit and a $1 NON-REFUNDABLE processing fee PER SURGERY. Thank you!

Purple Cat Eau Claire
1520 Westgate Road
Eau Claire, WI

Drop off time 7:30 to 9 AM, pick up time 3:00 PM 

Pick-up will be between 1pm and 3pm for most cats, some earlier and rarely some later.  Please plan on picking up your cat by 3pm.

Any cats scheduled for SPAY or NEUTER must be less than seven years old. BARN/FERAL does not have this requirement as it’s often hard to know their age. Please note that any cat over seven years old is considered a senior cat and should ideally have bloodwork done before any surgery to look for underlying diseases. We do not provide laboratory services at Purple Cat.

All surgery prices include anesthesia and long-acting pain medication. Please review information on before and after surgery care. Fill out and bring a surgical consent form with you to your appointment–ONE PER CAT.

Vaccines are optional and highly recommended and can be purchased the day of your appointment by CASH or CERTIFIED CHECK. Vaccines available:

  • Distemper-$15. Covers many upper respiratory infections.
  • Rabies-$15. Can only be administered to kittens over 12 weeks of age.

SPECIAL NOTE ON NEUTER: Occasionally, male cats will be cryptorchid, which means one or both testicles have not descended into the scrotal sac. We try to locate the testicle(s) in the inguinal (groin) area in these situations. If we cannot find the testicle there, then the cat will require abdominal exploratory surgery. We can often perform this special surgery for an additional $25-$50.

SPECIAL NOTE ON BARN/FERAL: Cats in this category receive a MANDATORY EAR TIP on their left ear to mark them as sterilized. Ear tipping saves them the stress of being trapped again and being put under anesthesia a second time. Vaccines are included for all barn/feral surgeries.

SPECIAL NOTE ON PREGNANT CATS: Any cat found to be pregnant will be spayed, and the kittens aborted. Cats in early pregnancy will have a $10 fee added and cats in later pregnancy will have a $20 additional fee that must be paid in CASH or CERTIFIED CHECK at the time of pick up.

OTHER SERVICES AVAILABLE DAY OF SURGERY: Must be paid in CASH or CERTIFIED CHECK. Purple Cat does not have a credit card machine at our locations. Price PER CAT:

  • Nail trim $5
  • Ear mite treatment $10
  • Flea treatment $10
  • Rabies vaccine $15
  • Distemper vaccine $15
  • Pregnancy $10-$20

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